Sunday Sermon 11/13/2011

Well today our senior Pastor gave the sermon. I like him….he is a nice guy. But I feel like the other Pastor speaks directly to me..he gets in my mind. Our senior Pastor was preaching to newer Christians or people who are “un-saved”. I am not complaining because I think God tells them what to preach. I also believe that people need to hear that message. I knew the bible story well….In John Chapter 3 with Nicodemus. I remember it from when I rally dug into the bible…the confusion he had of not understanding rebirth.
Today was a potluck at church…by the time I got through the line and sat with Rob..I noticed a pastor sitting across from me. He is a retired Pastor. I think many of you may remember the story i wrote last summer when he preached.
Well he told the story of working with homeless men…in particular one named Benny and how he was saved….. was murdered and at his funeral and there after they saw how he had impacted people around him…sound familiar?

I don’t know this visiting pastor..but I was so moved by his accounts of those men and his work….I am sure he has countless stories to tell..but I have only heard the one sermon.
I was arguing with myself to talk to him and tell him how moved I was by his last sermon…..I ate my whole plate of food …I was talking with his grandson….all the while trying to tell him how I was blessed…and trying not to seem vulnerable or weird. If these men only knew how much I listen….study and talk about their words. LOL. well Finally I knew I was running out of time…and I am rally trying to make myself “talk'” more and say what I think I should say…I told him. I was so proud of myself. I told him that his story of Benny Touched me and that I had shared it.
He smiled at me….I think I saw a little glimmer or twinkle. It really warmed my heart. I feel like its getting easier and easier for me to be so vulnerable. I mean, I air out all my laundry here..LOL ( well most of it) but personally I don’t.

I can’t even really explain what holds me back. Giving someone a compliment shouldn’t be a hard thing. I mean I can freely do that for people i know…I always want to see people succeed..I am happy for all the successes one has…It’s amazing. I try to help everyone around me.

If you can believe this…I am always amazed by this but I get accused of being a SNOB, or aloof many times until someone gets to know me. I will sit in a class and no one will know I am there…..My friend Jeri and I took our first few quilting classes together years ago…and we didn’t become friends until about 2 years ago…because I didn’t talk ..LOL . Just watch OUT when you do get to know me..cause I talk to much. It’s funny how people perceive me before they get to know me…and I always wonder why? But that’s ok…because i really should and can only invest in the people who take the time to dig below the surface.

Anyway…so I will leave you all with this….today…sermon is about salvation. Being re-born …..Although I gave my heart to Jesus long ago..I am finding myself having moments of re-birth throughout my journey…Have a Godly day!

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