Sunday Morning

I always have a bit of quiet time on Sunday mornings. That is nice. I am always up early….Saturday evening usually everyone else in my family is up late so they sleep in a bit. Some of the boys have been known to get dressed in the car on the way to church and brush their hair in the restroom once we get there..nice right? Thankfully we go to a church that is a “come as you are” church. However, I dress up every Sunday because i think I need to be my best for Jesus…maybe that is just a respect thing…When my kids get older they should as well.I am letting them use their own free agency now…but some of them do dress nice.

Anyway here is another snipit of my studio

I used to make “story” boards for my LQS ..when I worked there. I would take lines of fabric and basically make a big scrap book page ..the board would feature patterns that I thought would look good with that line of fabric. I made them on foam poster boards. This was my favorite all time board. So I asked if I could have it after we took it down. Now it is my make shift tack board. It has my business license, a few momentos from this year. The flowers I bought at the Craft warehouse earlier this year ….The black thread holder…I was given two of them. Someone dropped them off at the quilt shop last year and nobody wanted them so I took them. Cole spray painted them block for me….the other one is full ..this one is waiting patiently. LOL But I actually found out this year who dropped them off at the shop. It was someone I go to church with…and I recognized one in her studio. You also get a snipet of one of set of my Amy Butler Curtains…Oh how I love them…they just add that bit of Sparkle to me room.


I also have pictures of a quilt to post. Lori sent me this quilt for LAQ> When I opened the box I was a bit surprised. I have quilted for Lori before …and I have seen many pictures of quilts she has completed. None of them looked like this one. Typically Lori likes lots of color …and very intricate piecing. This is only two shades of color and simple squares? She also usually likes heavier quilting. I was stumped as to how to quilt it..honestly ..I had it hanging for days studying….waiting for it to come to me. so after a few emails…I called her. I wanted to get a feel for who it is for..what they are looking for ect. So after we talked I kind of had an idea….simple lines. I had an idea of a dogwood branch with the dog wood flowers…so I was formulating the plan.

Virgina had come this week and noticed that this was authentic Indigo fabric right away..LOL. I would have never known accept Lori told me….Then Sabrina and Sally were here on Friday and noticed the same thing…apparently I am out of the loop on that…But the girls were not fond my my dogwood flower and branch idea. I think they were appalled that I would consider that…they said it needs to stay simple. They suggested the Baptist Fans. I mulled that over and called Lori…again. LOL See I have a problem most of the time with thinking simple. A simple all over type of design is hard for me to come up with on my own…I think sometimes I do to much……so I am trying to get in the mid set that sometimes simple is good.

I have to say I am pleased with the results. After all this is going to an architect. Someone who likes simple, clean lines. The fans have enough circular design to soften the lines a bit and add interest …they don’t take away from the quilt. Perfect compliment to the piecer. Thanks Lori for being so patient with me..LOL.


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