Sunday Fabric De-Stash

OK so it’s Sunday. YAY!

I had a few more finishes this week . YAY! I am taking advantage of this time because I know there will be several times when I don’t get to count anything. HEHE.

This week I get to add a few more YAY!IMG_7770


This is a stack of quilt tops that I got in the mail for a trade. 🙂 So I am counting yardage for backs that I pieced from my stash & bindings that  I cut. I added a few borders to some….:) I also have one more that I want to add to…but didn’t get a chance… that will be something for next week.

Fabric Yardage: 19.5 + 12.5= 32.5 (again…I wish I could say there is a dent? I wonder how many yards I have to use to feel that way?)

Personal finishes for 2014:

1. Scrappy Squares Flimsy & Now it’s quilted! YAY! (posted earlier today)

2. Amy Scraps (quilted)

3. Scrappy 500 HST (quilted)


4. Soothing Gray quilt ( quilted)

5. Modern Monkey Baby (quilted)

Scrappy Trade Quilts Finished:

1. Harmony’s Soothing water quilt (Quilted)


2. Plaid Bouquet (quilted) Made by Annette



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