Sunday Evening Post

Well I am almost done with the next big Texan…I will post pictures tomorrow. The boys came back they hung their new posters in their media room….I don’t care for any of them..but I have to let them choose what they like…right? Good thing I don’t spend any time in there…LOL. UGH!

We still have so much to accomplish before the house is done…it seems endless’s so many little things now and waiting for my furniture to arrive. Rob was sick today so nothing got done. He needs a day of rest I guess? But this week is a short week for him because of the holiday..he only has to work 2.5 days so he will be able to get some more work done this week.

I am thinking for Thanksgiving we will have hamburgers and pasta salad. Those are what Carl requested for his birthday dinner and I let time slip away from me on friday and we ended up ordering pizza…….we can eat that for Thanksgiving…right?

Well this ends my day…..just some random crumbs…Blessings,





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