Sunday Evening business

Hello friends,

Well things are picking is coming around again..LOL…work, routine and life.

Monday is tomorrow….NEWS FLASH! Right. There is always something about Sunday night..that anticipation of routine.
My Monday lunch date called tonight…she needs prayer requests..tomorrow is her birthday..her mom is dying so she is rushing home. Please pray for peace and no suffering on anyone’s part. That is never an easy situation…I wish I could be there for her.
I also have another friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the beginning of a new year with all of these expectations of good cheer, new beginnings and changes. I know that all of these situations will resolve..but life is so precious and dear to us. That makes me feel the need to feel even more content with everything I have….and not worry or plan to far ahead..cause we just never know.

My experiences have taught me to expect the unexpected….these fall into those categories.

I am packing up my scrap boxes…for all those interested…please email me your mailing addresses so I can send out these boxes….Karin, Linda…I think there were a few others…that w ay you can get some free LAQ and I can get some more tops to practice quilting on.

Thanks so much.
I hope you all have a fabulous monday morning!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Evening business

    1. YAHOO! Thanks Harmony! How exciting! Darby showed me teh quilt she quilted for you…I was so glad you won the contest! You deserve many blessings

  1. I want to try to do a postage stamp ( it may take years) but scraps sound awesome from your fabric line….what is the process of your scrap boxes?

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