Summer Rental

This quilt pattern is actually called “Summer Rental” By Miss Rosie’s quilt co. I am going to call this Civil War Summer Rental..because Mary used Civil War reproduction fabrics for he version of this beautiful quilt.

Mary is a local quilter….and we are taking a class together ( Bird Dance By Sue Spargo) and I have quilted several for Mary in the past. I however, did not know that Mary actually has her own machine and she only brings me quilts she wants quilted “extra special.”

I didn’t realize that until with this quilt I got a big note about what she didn’t want on her quilt……( she usually drops them off at the shop…Since I don’t work at the shop physically…..I don’t get to have the personal connection with many of the quilts dropped off) she also wrote about how much she loved the quilt and she wanted it special. So I called her. I had several ideas…but some times my ideas cost more than the owner wants to invest and I have to tame them down……I think that happens with all of us. Balancing budget verses design ideas. I learned that in my High school art class. We were given a great project to work on …on location. But that location was an opera house and we had many restrictions. Our teacher explained to us that as paid artists in the future ….you will always have restrictions of some kind. So get used to it if you are going to be an artist for a living. That has always been true!   In this case Mary told me money was no object…she wanted  me to do whatever I thought was best and she really wanted the different rings or borders to stand out in the quilt…..and she really wanted the center medallion to be the showcase.

Armed with that knowledge I went to work……I knew what I wanted to do in the center….but I had to think about the different rings in the quilt….they had to be more drastic of a difference in Mary’s quilt because she didn’t use drastically different colored fabrics to bring that out like in the original quilt. So I thought If I used a linear design in the center ring it would help with that.

So this is what I did in the center:

IMG_1342So you can see that in the center that pebbling was my filler design. I created a block in the center to match all of the other blocks in the quilt. all of the blocks in the quilt are the same..with a slight variation….  so I quilted each of them the same within the ring s of the quilt…but each ring got a different design there is unity but difference. I also cross hatched the setting triangles…but thought it still needed a bit more…so I filled in every other square that I had quilted. In the corners I quilted leaves and filled pebbles around them. The fabrics have lots of leaves and organice designs…so it was a way to bring it all together..the leaves & pebbles are very organic.


IMG_1343So you can see the middle ring I made angled lines to create little “fans” in between each block. They remind me of little spot lights…..I  really wanted the back ground design to steal the show in that round so that you could tell there was a clash of design ….it needed to stand out instead of sink in to the background.


You can see that in the final ring I used swirls. It’s one of my go-to suits so many types of quilts and creates great texture. In each ring I incorporated a design from the other rings to again keep unity.

The outer border was time consuming but..maybe one of my favorite borders …ever! It’s simple but classic. Straight lines. Yes…for each point created by those triangles I quilted in 3 lines about a quarter inch apart. Don’t even ask me how many I had to rip out because they didn’t go as smoothly as I thought they should.  🙂 I was hunched over this quilt many-long hours. 🙂 But it is so worth it. In the corners I decided to add feather corners.

IMG_1350I am so glad that I had this opportunity to work on a quilt that I could do whatever I wanted without any restrictions….and that the owner loves the finished quilt as well. 🙂


I only used one layer of batting in this….warm & natural.  Here are several more photos:


Look at all of that quilty goodness.



IMG_1347 IMG_1346 IMG_1345 IMG_1344

Thank You so much Mary!

It’s a pleasure working with you!



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