Summer Break

Well I knew this summer would be far different than other summers. The older kids have jobs and it’s Roo & I.

OMNY summer camp starts today so she will have that for a few days a week.

But last week when it was all her & I …she got creative.

She painted Gracie’s toenails. IMG_9251

She was very patient {she informed me} because she had to put several coats on due to the fact that Gracie’s nails were black. She thought of doing other colors but…pink just seemed to be the best choice….she also informed me.  It’s a good thing we have a lazy dog. IMG_9232 IMG_9233

Clarissa has also taken to sidewalk chalk. It’s a good thing we live on a 2 block street out of the way. IMG_9259


Her first portrait was Princess …our cat. IMG_8789

This is what she looks like…the likeness of the chalk drawing is just uncanny!

So each time I got out there is something new to see on the street. IMG_9260IMG_9258IMG_9257IMG_9256IMG_9255IMG_9254IMG_9252IMG_9253

A snowman in the top it all off. Frozen is Roo’s favorite movie..she can break out in song at any moment just by mentioning ice, snowmen or Olaf.

I have water balloons all over my lawn…..dirty dishes in the sink all day long, the door is revolving ect.

So along with the all of the cars that are coming & going & parked in our house…..and the chalk drawings…..I think our house definitely looks lived in.

I know I will miss these days.

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