Stunning Sampler

I am not sure I should use the owner’s real name..because she has kind of a unique name….and she made this as a gift for her daughter’s anniversary…which isn’t for almost a year away ( boy she is ahead of the game..I need to be more often)

She let me have creative reighn to quilt how I wanted. So I did individual block work….and quilted l’s in the sashings, swirls in the inner border and flowers in the outer border.

It’s so difficult to see….I wish I could have gotten better pics!

The back shows the quilting a bit better….so you can at least get an idea of what I have done.:)

So pretty!

my days tend to blend together..I wish I could be a year ahead in my projects!

So you have Christmas quilts? Halloween quilts? Now is maybe the time to start them or finish them so they are ready in time.



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