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I have been MIA for a  few weeks and I have so many quilts to post. Sorry about that. I have been behind a bit and then I had camera issues…long story short…..bought new camera. I am trying to catch up on photos again. However, I promised a few that I would post a Studio tour and I have some pictures taken for that… I am going to post those.


I have 2 long arms and a HUGE cutting table that I bought from a quilt shop that was closing. Those pretty much take up the space in my converted garage. My guys ( Rob and my FIL and my boys) all pitched in to convert my studio from a dingy garage to the beautiful space that it is…from painting, wiring, sheet rocking, ect…..they were great about it.  I have kind of out grown my space….but I will deal with what I have for now. 🙂 as well all do. So It’s difficult to take pictures of such a small space …but I am going to try and explain each photo for you.

When you first walk into the door this is the view you will see from straight on:

027my TV…I listen to wireless headphones while I quilt. So I listen to a lot of TV rather than watch it. My stash is on shelves behind my long arm….and you can see the longarm in the bottom of the picture.


Here is the other half of that wall and my long arm

This is the picture of the door that you just walked through:


One one side of the door are these shelves:



013 012 011 010 009 008One the other side of that door is my ironing table:

023all of my aprons & bags hanging above it. 🙂

007So this is the window right next to venus my Big long arm.  and this next photo is the area between my stash and Venus:


015 014A few pictures of my lovely stash and stitched wall hangings.

Another view of Venus:


Here is Serena and the other window in the Studio:


This is the view from the from of Venus…like if you were to sew on her.


These are my 3 machines: Venus, Serena and Juliet

020 021 022

Here is another view of Serena and that back wall:


005 004So the back wall consists of being half Serena the other half Juliet.

I don’t have a fancy table that Juliet sits’s actually a table that came from my grandpas house when he died. I like it because the sides collapse up and down and I have used it for years for various things. It’s sturdy and it’s been a crafting table from all sorts of hobbies. I have actually seen that it goes for a lot of money at flea markets ect…..which kind of made me chuckle because it probably costs more now than it did when they bought it years ago.  Anyway My grandpa always encouraged my talent and he was always so supportive of me that I feel good having something of his close to me everyday.

Behind that wall is a little cubby that fits my cutting table …and we put these shelves above teh cutting table to hold more stash and storage.

001 002So it’s bright and cheery …a little chaotic in places….but it’s my happy place.

Thanks for letting me share.



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