Strawberry Hill


This has been finished for several months…but I had to wait to post it because I was using it for something else ….and now it can be shown.

My friend Emmy pieced and appliqued this for me several years ago and I just got it quilted early this year. Its a bunny hill pattern named Strawberry Hill. Strawberries are a big THING in my house. Of course, you all know how I love Bunny Hill Projects. Emmy has made 3 for me. She always does a nice job and she is such a kind woman I look forward to our conversations. It’s one those things that is always a blessing. I always think of her when these quilts hang in my home…or in a show.

983 984 985 986I quilted this in my usual style of lots of textures. Simple designs all brought together for a dynamic look.

987 988 989 990 991 992  I quilted on the appliques as well…which I don’t typically do..but it felt right this time.

993 994 995 996 997

Thanks Emmy!

Thanks everyone for looking and keeping up! It’s been a great week!

many blessings


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