Storage Units….Utility Trailers…Oh what FUN!!

So today I went to breakfast with my quilty friends. Always a nice time. Laughs….and bacon…Lots of Bacon…LOL. The breakfast place we go to makes really good bacon.

Then I came home and practically pulled Rob out of bed. He knew it was a day of hard work…so he doesn’t move to swiftly when he knows whats coming…LOL. It was actually a beautiful day we went to the storage unit to clean it out. UGH! We made three trips to the thrift store…so drop off stuff. We filled our dump trailer….and now we can get to our Christmas decorations. I didn’t bring them home yet though. I want our whole family here and I need to sort through all of it.

When I was a teenager one of my first jobs was selling at home parties “Christmas Around the World” products …do any of you remember them? I have TONS of Christmas stuff. I got rid of some today…it’s just overkill….and it seems so overwhleming now when I get all the boxes out. SO this year I am going through it all …I have all of Landon’s ( my ex husband) Childhood decorations. I will give him back his now that he is re-married and stable. I also have all of his baby books and scrapbooks…family photos…so he is getting all of those on Sunday. I want the boys to have all of them so I kept them…But Landon is stable now he can have them and store them himself. I trust him to give them to our boys at the right time.

I have been purging all sorts of stuff. We got rid of many boxes of good will stuff from the house today as well.Now I only have two closets to clean out. I will also do some rearranging in my studio so I can organize fabrics and such….after the Christmas rush of course.

So the storage unit is cleaned out! YAY! We can walk in there..access everything and after teh holidays we will be sending stuff home with various family members so we don’t have to store it anymore….YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

So the family room is put together FINALLY! It is so nice and cozy in here….very nice. We sorted more stuff today and finished putting everything away.

WE are caught up on laundry….

***The Angel Choir is Singing****

I am not even kidding. It is a MIRACLE that we are caught up. That hardly ever happens. So I have to put away my clothes again tomorrow..but hey….laundry is caught up…I heard that singing again. SO I took the chance to clean out our laundry room today as well..swept, organized the cabinets..Rob cleaned out the dryer tube thingy. It feels good to get everything back in working order. I have let things go to long.

It’s like when you start working on one area you have to keep up the momentum and fix everything around it ….so that’s where we are…we just have a few little things left to do…trim(still), transition flooring, light fixtures,I have to paint a few things to hang up in my bedroom…..Rob will probably start the bathroom in January…I told him he could have a break. 🙂


Today at Wal-Mart I found The Muppets sound track…Oh Yeah! We are rocking out now!

So now I have more paperwork to go’s insane..I have kept every tax return since I started working …every manual for every toaster, vacuum and anything else…I need to purge it all. …so I can make room for the current stuff that sits in piles.UGH!

SO I guess i better get to my studio and start quilting…I need to get some “paid” work done…I hope you are all having a great Black Friday!

One thought on “Storage Units….Utility Trailers…Oh what FUN!!

  1. Oh C,You are so me…………every manual…tax returns….warrantys on things we no longer have. I’m thinking I need to do some purging too. Ok…maybe in the new year…..maybe spring cleaning….that’s it..In the Spring for sure. I did the Christmas purging last year.
    Ok we want pics…… Huggs Judy

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