Stepping Stones For T


T sent this quilt and I know that she has been struggling with family issues lately. She is a caretaker by nature and God is just heaping so much on her..I think of her everyday and pray that she is getting what she needs to get through her days.

I don’t know the actual name of this quilt…but I know that sewing is probably a form of therapy for her during this time and I called it stepping stones…because she just gets to take 1 day at a time …1 step at a time.

So I know this was probably a welcome respite for her while she was sewing this.


She always chooses nice fabrics and patterns.

I quilted in bubbles, daisies, flowers and swirls…I framed it all in with a swirl plume feather.

007 008 006It’s fun…tons of textures and fun colors and fabrics. With a scrappy backing:

009Thanks T! It’s so beautiful! I hope you love it!

Love you!



8 thoughts on “Stepping Stones For T

  1. My favorite part in this quilt is the daisies you made out of the white blocks. I also love the that beautiful border. Another lovely quilt. 🙂 I pray your friend finds comfort knowing she is lifted to God in prayer. Merry Christmas!

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