Stash & Quilt Progress Report 9-3-17

Hi Everyone! Well I have broken my rules…I bought some fabrics…What can I say. I am still in a bit of denial because I don’t know how much yardage it actually was that I bought….Not that is was a shopping cart full….but I just fell in love with a line that I found and I just couldn’t pass it up. But …..I am making progress on Ufo’s and finishing things.

So here is one:

Blissful Stars. This is an OLD UFO. Seriously…maybe about 10 years old. and it is far from perfect which is why I think it took me so long to finish it…I just wasn’t pleased with it. So it’s not anything you can see in the photos….but all of the patches with the circles was a panel…of 5 inch squares…and I cut them. They didn’t cut into perfect 5 inch squares which caused me all sorts of problems….I won’t do that again. So I just tried to make it all work…and it wasn’t easy. So I am glad it’s finally finished and not just sitting around the studio.  I put it on the computer and quilted one of my favorite computer designs..which is this great flower pattern.

Scraps for the backing. 🙂

I also finished this cute little baby quilt:

I put minky on the back to make it extra cozy. Also put this on the computer. the computer is becoming addicting for me because it helps me finish quilts instead of letting them sit and wait until I have time to finish them. On my day off I can load a few quilts and let the computer work for me.

I have a computer quilter, a Roomba that does my vacuuming for me, and I cannot wait until they invent a washer and dryer that will do my laundry for me.

Quilts I have made so far this year:
1.Neutral Love Wool Penny Project
2. Wool Confetti Project for T
3. Wool Penny Project ( big pink flower in the center)
4. Happy Little Trees
5. Christmas cookie exchange
6. Jelly Chain quilt
7. Kaffe Scrappy Ice Cream Quilt
8. Kaffe Magic carpet quilt
9. Kaffe hourglass quilt
10. Moda Be my Neighbor Quilt
11. Feather sample quilt for You Tube.
12. Embroidered Floral quilt
13. Resolutions quilt.
14. little wool Sampler
15. blue wool penny quilt
16. Tula pink Butterfly quilt
17. Cole’s graduation Quilt. I need to take pictures. ( I am not real happy with it. But I made one)
18. Second Feather Sampler
19. Tumbler quilt made and quilted by me.
20. Rag quilt made by me….Approved by Elvis.

21. blissful stars made by me…quilted by me.

22. pretty baby stars. made by me..quilted by me.

Quilts that I have finished (These are mine….I just trade services ect) :
1. Scrappy Square in a squares quilt. Quilted by me made by Annette
2. Sidelights, Pieced & quilted by me.
3. Bee-utiful quilt. Pieced & quilted by me.
4. Block Swap Quilt. Pieced & quilted by me.
5. Lion quilt. Pieced by JennT. & quilted by me.
6. Prairie Flower quilt pieced & quilted by me.
7. Fun Chicken quilt Pieced by Harmony, quilted by me.
8. Garden Cheater quilt. Pieced and quilted by me.
9. Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt Pieced by Noni quilted by me.
10. Bejeweled made by Annette quilted by me
11. White stars made and quilted by me.
12. Scrappy Squares with Tan background- made by Annette quilted by Computer
13. Soothing waters quilt. Made by Harmony quilted by Computer
14. Medallion Mystery quilt made by me quilted by computer
15. Circle 4 patches made by me quilted by computer
16. Purple Stars made by Karen quilted by me.
17. Gray T-blocks made by Annette quilted by computer & me. I am taking credit for standing by the machine all day.
18. Scrappy Crumb blocks made by Annette quilted by computer
19. Amy Butler Scrap quilt made by me-Quilted by Rob
20. Arctic Crystals made by Florence, quilted by me.
21. Rainbow ribbons made by Annette, quilted by computer
22. circle of geese, Made by myself and Laurie, quilted by Computer
23. Scrappy fun made by me, quilted by computer
24. Vintage Doilies made by Annette, quilted by me.
25. Window Pane. Modern travel bee of 2016. made and quilted by me.
26. Sparkle. Made and quilted by Me.
27. Quick Pillow panel quilt. Made and quilted by me.
28. Catch a  Christmas Star made by Nellie quilted by me.

One thought on “Stash & Quilt Progress Report 9-3-17

  1. You are to cute. By the looks you did a great job on that quilt. Can’t tell it is that old and not to many books boos . I wish I had half your energy to quilt all you do. Have a blessed and loving day Dear One. xxx Pat

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