Stars & Stripes

Carol sent this to me …she made it for a friend who is retiring from service.

It’s a beautiful quilt…pretty big should cover a queen size bed fairly well…and we decided swirls in the stars and wavy lines in the stripes would work out well. I think it does. I kind of took a bit of creative liberty and went outside of the lines on a few swirls and brought some lines into the stars. I did this becauseall soldiers havethisblending of work/service and heart/passion.We all know that they don’t get enough credit, money or honor as they should for all they sacrifice. So they serve because they love this country and all it stands for……I would be so honored to have a son or two serve our country. I just hope we get some good leadership. Godis in control… no worries.

Thanks Carol..your work is always beautiful!

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