Starry Samplers

Rick and Nellie made both of these quilts….they are for 2 of their daughters…so they are the same pattern but different embellishments & colors.


I love-love these! I love that one fabric can change the whole feeling of a quilt…’s just amazing!

They said I could quilt them the same or not. I decided to quilt the blocks the same in both quilts…but I changed the background designs because it suited the quilts better.

135This first quilt with the black background I quilted twinkly stars in the background border to match the appliqued stars. In the area around the blocks I quilted a swirl.


140-001 around the 138center block i quilted a feather

137The back:


In the cream background I quilted charisma curls…because it went with the leaf theme a bit better. In the border I quilted more leaves to go with the appliques.

145But I still quilted a feather around the center block.


143-001 144142-001141-001

Thanks Rick and Nellie- Always a pleasure talking to you and seeing you! Can’t wait to see what the next round of quilts looks like!  Many blessings!


4 thoughts on “Starry Samplers

  1. I LOOOOOVE these quilts and I LOOOOVE what you did with ’em! Any chance you could get them to share the pattern name/source? That center feather diamond on the black one is STUNNING!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely love both of these. The work both of you have put into these quilts is fantastic. I agree….the quilting has enhanced the work tremendously. I would also love the pattern.

  3. Great pattern….great quilting:) I’m not sure if anyone has asked you as I don’t always read the comments. What thread do you use when quilting? Do you change the color of thread on a quilt? Thanks in advance:)

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