Star Birds

Evelyn is a local quilter. She brought this quilt to me and she is so proud of it. I can see why it’s STUNNING! IMG_7974

It’s difficult to see in the photos but the focus fabrics have lavish metallic designs. Very rich & beautiful Many of them have birds…she made sure all the birds faced the same direction so there is a specific the way the quilt lays.   IMG_7975

There was so much to see……& try to decide what designs to put where….in the corner stones they had a clam shell type design…so I used that for the background. I think that compliments everything well. I wanted to give the stars a bit of motion …so I thought the feather designs would make your eye see it go around. I changed thread colors for the rich fabrics.I didn’t want anything to compete with is the absence of color…so it worked well for feathers & feather wreaths. 🙂IMG_7976 IMG_7977

This is warm & natural batting & a muslin backing. It all shows the quilting very well.IMG_7978 IMG_7979

The BackIMG_7980

Thanks Evelyn! Always a pleasure!


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