Squared Origins

I made a Navaho Rose a few years ago and bought tons of this Moda line called “Origins” . I also made an apron.IMG_7871

It’s not a line like any other line I have seen before. The colors are unique and the prints are beautiful. The pop of bright green & yellow…are right up my alley. I have found that people either really LOVE or HATE this line. I love it! I had bought tons of yardage…just because I liked it. After I made my projects I had quite a bit left. I kept it all together and knew I would like a few ‘scrappy” projects made from it. When I started the scrappy trade years ago..Harmony & Annette were the first ones to respond and we have been trading ever since.   It just works out….they are great to work with. I love getting that package in the mail with our projects and seeing what genius ideas they have constructed…it’s like Christmas for myself. IMG_7872

So this is one that came in the last batch from Harmony……I thought I could quilt Charisma Curls and it would be pretty. But then thought I should practice on a Loricle Board that I haven’t used much.  It creates an orange peel sort of design…or a lily as they call it…depending on which aspect you see in the quilt. 🙂 It’s good to change it up sometimes and get experience…that’s why I love scrappy quilts. IMG_7876

I had this backing in my stash…it’s not a perfect fit….but it was close in color. It’s good to use it up! So I get to add another finish to my list…YAHOO! Love that! IMG_7878IMG_7879

***Spoiler ALERT*** I am sure you will be seeing this line of fabric again. 🙂

Thanks Harmony! Always a pleasure working with you!


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