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Spring of 2014 Moda did a blog hop with Spell It. I loved all of the quilts that the designers were coming up with using these letters. I knew one day I would make my own version. I just wasn’t sure when. It was quite a job visiting all 20 something blogs and collecting all of the letters. Seriously…..It was. But now you can just purchase all of them, HERE. A great price for all of the time it took for me to collect them a year ago. 🙂 


Well last weekend the opportunity came around. I am part of the Moses Lake Modern Quilt Guild. We are doing some traveling Bees and I needed to make some letters for my bee this month. I was already working in my scraps…so I just decided I would make a letter for myself for every letter I needed for the traveling bee….before I knew it I had half of the alphabet done ( pretty much!) SO I went ahead and cut out all of the letters that I needed to finish my quilt.


I purposely mixed up all of the letters and cut random scraps. I know that is foreign practices to some people. But it was not a project that I wanted to stress about. I like to have some mindless projects…and I let the chips fall where they may. I used different background fabrics too….muslin, white, tone on tone. Whatever was handy and scrappy to get it all used up.


I did purchase the border fabric. I thought about using stash. But I really thought a fabric with some sort of letters or text was what I wanted. I went to my LQS….and what do you know? They had this border fabric on clearance. BONUS!!! I don’t know if that has ever happened to me before! But it is a running joke that all of my fabrics end up in the clearance bin at my local quilt shop. I tend to like fabrics that nobody else likes? So I bought the rest of the bolt…I liked it alot. It’s pretty, it’s low volume….so I can use it in lots of projects.

003So I am glad to have another finish. It’s pretty amazing how quickly they all went. I made TONS of letters because I spelled out several words for my traveling bee. So it’s all in good fun!

I hope you all have wonderful day!




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