This is a pattern called Sparkle by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I wish I could have gotten better pictures. I loved this pattern. I used a scraps of a few layer cakes. I love the white space and the offset blocks. It gives the pattern interest and I wanted to make good use of the white space.

It’s just difficult to see how I used that white space …because the lighting was not working with me..this day. The quilt is with my I can’t re-take the pictures. right now.

Crazy how white they are showing….the glare from the sun. blah! But if you look closely you can see that I quilted traditional stars in the background and rays coming off the blocks to give them a bit more sparkle.

It turned out to be kind of long and skinny so I added those 2 borders on the sides to get it to a normal size. I just quilted a curly feather in those borders.

Thanks so much for looking! I appreciate that!

I Hope you all have a little sparkle in your days!


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