Southern Comfort

The name of this pattern is called “Southern comfort” by Trudie Hughes.

However…Lori rarely leaves a pattern as is……so she reduced the scale so she could use smaller pieces of fabric and added her own border…..she likes big borders to showcase feathers….I must say I agree with her. 🙂IMG_8254

I fell in love with this the minute I pulled it out of the box. In fact I was a bit stumped as to how I was going to quilt it…her other two..I knew right away…but this one??? Sometimes when you really adore something it’s difficult to matter how many quilts you have quilted before….yes it was one of those kinds. But the nice thing is that when you conquer it and you still love inspires you. That’s how I feel about this quilt.IMG_8253

There are quite a few things to look at far as quilting. IMG_8255

I quilted three different designs in the center…the half blocks around the edges got there own design:IMG_8261

Here is the back of thatIMG_8260

Then there are two different blocks in the quiltIMG_8249The back of that blockIMG_8258

The next blockIMG_8248

The back: IMG_8259

Ok….The border…oh the lovely borderIMG_8251 IMG_8252IMG_8247

The backIMG_8262

A few more pictures of the over all backIMG_8256 IMG_8257

I am in love! Thanks Lori! I love working on your quilts. So beautiful!




3 thoughts on “Southern Comfort

  1. Those feathers!!!!.. it just doesn’t get any better … I want to fall into them and then just run my finger over each stitch.

  2. GORGEOUS! Charisma, I always think I’ve seen you at your best, then you go & surpass your ownself! Simply stunning!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Both the quilt and the quilting are exquisite! I am truly drawn to neutral quilts and this one is just stunning!

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