Soulful Garden and God’s Green Earth

Cheryl is a Christian woman who I have come to know during our phone conversations….as we discuss quilt planning and quilt shipping arrangements. It’s amazing teh friendships I have formed through this “business” I have made so many friends..and many I have never met in person..but people I genuinely love and like talking to….the list is long. Thisis why i belive God is invested in my business…he brings me all the perfect people.

Cherly is an artist by nature….she had never quilted and just decided she wanted to…so she started designing and piecing ( by hand) quilts. These two quilts are her own design..she never knowswhat they will look like until she is finished ..she just works fromher heart….with divine inspiration. A perfect expresssion. SoulfulGarden…and God’s Green Earth.

I of course just want to accent her work not take away from it…she gives me creative freedom and no presssure.

Love theat, Love her , Love the quilts.



One thought on “Soulful Garden and God’s Green Earth

  1. Ohh wow, I look at these quilts and think….look at all of that APPLIQUE!! 🙂 They are beautiful and as always your quilting is gorgeous….someday I’m going to have to try my hand at applique….and this is the kind of inspiring pictures I need. 🙂

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