Sore Muscles…..and Whining!

Oh I am such a whiner today ..I know. I have not had Zumba for two weeks. I skipped out on one session and then our instructor took a vacation. wha! Last night we had Zumba and she worked us longer..UGH! My abdomen feels like a train ran into it..which is fine…it means it was worked out right? but I can still whine right?

So today the treadmill is set up and I am going to make myself do 30 minutes on least. I know that I am a person motivated by goals. I can’t do something just because. It goes against my grain. School really showed that to me. I am also the “Star Chart” kid. I like to see my progress.

Losing weight would not be enough because I have tried that several times..and fail. That is like the one failure that I have decided I need to set a running goal. I kind of have one for next may in Portland…but that seems to far away. SO I think I need to set one for this sumemr/fall. to spark my fire. I am staying steady at my 21 pound weight loss…but had a bad week…so I just feel yucky in general.

So I think I will sign up for a 5K. in August/September. That will be long enough to where Ithink I can build up….but I think my friend Courtney does a 10 mile race in Spokane called Sundae Sunday….I wonder if that is a possibility for me? 10 miles seems like a mountain. I wish I had a personal trainer. Like Bob or Dulvett. Those contestants run a marathon after 4 months.

anyway that is the goal….to become a jogger…er I mean runner. LOL So today is the first day of my training..Pray for me. If I don’t post in a few will know I have died.





One thought on “Sore Muscles…..and Whining!

  1. Ive never run the Sunday Sundae, I cant fathom 10 miles(Kris has done it though)….I am however going to attempt to run a 5k at the end of the month…training isnt going so great..but Im back in the swing of things this week. I just hope to run MOST of it

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