So Far This Year…..

Things are CRAZY!

Seriously crazy! Even as you read this I am actually in Disneyland right now….( I am typing this ahead of time) and things will probably have changed by the time this posts….seriously. That is my life right now….in this very moment. So Rob and I went into this new year thinking we would list our house on the market…you can find that listing here.

Not very good pics because it seems we are all in a hurry to get things done…including my agent. Not necessarily her fault…this whole thing has been a rush job….so we had to do a lot before she could come over and take pics….and I am never sure we will ever be ready.

We were wanting to buy this house:

This house is 4 doors down from our current house. It’s UGLY but huge…..and it will need lots of work….but it’s almost 4000 square feet if completely finished. I really love the layout of the house and the way we can make my studio.

Problem is that the lady who owns it is not really wanting to sell…she loves this house because her and her husband built it in 1988. Her husband no longer lives there for terrible reasons that I won’t go into….but due to ( I think) the public shame of her situation..I have never seen her the 14 years that I have lived next to her( until we toured her house). I could tell that the house was neglected ect. On top of that they don’t show any inside pictures of the house ( in the listing) because she is a hoarder. The good news is that while we were taking our tour…there were no dead animals or that kind of hoarding…I also didn’t see any critters or bugs. But I would have to replace every bit of flooring…which is quite an extensive job for that much square feet. I am ready for that job. However…she thinks her house is worth the moon…and it’s not. She also hasn’t made a payment in a considerable amount of time so the bank is going to foreclose on her at anytime….which means offering a contingent offer ( which is what we originally did) is really not going to work out because if I sell my house and in the weeks of closing that it takes to make a deal…the bank could foreclose on her and then I am homeless. So this deal is a gamble at best.

While all of this is going on with the house shuffle….Rob heard of a job opening in Spokane.  He applied. Spokane is my hometown and 2 hours away from our current small town. I love Spokane for many reasons….but basically because I have several friends …the ones who have become my family…and most of my kids are moving there or they are already there. Plus it’s closer to both of Rob’s parents. My family of origin lives there…yuck! we don’t run in the same circles…so I doubt I would run into them. But I would have to worry about them finding out where I live..because they would rob me blind or harass me. I live just far enough away now that they can’t afford to harass me.   So if I move there in the long run I will be closer to  ( most of ) my children. Also my Brother in Seattle is thinking of moving back there this year as we could actually be in the same town again. I don’t see him near enough.  We can actually get more house for our money in that area…and if Rob were to get this job he could be at a desk rather than breaking down his body…which he desperately needs. On top of that he may be able to have a life and take vacations and family trips with us …currently his life is dictated by harvest and he can’t take vacations for most months out of the year..which has caused some sadness for us.

So after I typed all of that ( and deleted a few more paragraphs that were typed here) ….more changes. ****See I knew that would happen.*** For several reasons after Rob turned in an application and a resume to Spokane…..a few things happened within our family to make us re-think moving from our small town just yet. In my heart of hearts I would move…Rob doesn’t want to move…and I am going to follow his lead ..since he is the leader of our family. He asked me to wait until Clarissa graduates from school ( at least) and so we will wait.

Good News is we found a house to buy! I am very excited about it. It’s a friend of mine…they are leaving town to do God’s work…..they are always doing God’s work…but they are going on a new adventure to lead a church. Somehow I feel that this is all going to work out. I have peace about all of it. There was so much leading up to this….I pray it all works out for all of us. The house is 3200 square feet and it has charming built ins, storage, it needs some updates and little things here and there…but it checks all of the boxes of what we want. It has a smaller yard…but it’s cute. I am actually ok with a smaller yard because our kids are leaving and it will be less to maintain. It’s across town….on the other hill…..but in a very cute neighborhood and I am sure I will adjust. I am excited to go in and do some work to make it what I want. I actually love a house that is a little older because it has character…..which is what I like about this house. I also love the original wood floors …and the HUGE livingroom. So Please pray that our house sells quickly so that we can all transition into our new adventures.  Here is a picture of the outside of the house.

Here is a picture of the fireplace in the livingroom:

very cozy and comforting, right?

I am excited to see how God works out all of this for all of us! For now we are vacationing because January is actually a month where Rob can go on vacation! I guess we have a few more years of harvest dictating our lives….but if that is what my husband wants…then I will go with the flow until he is more comfortable to move on.  At least I will be getting a bigger studio out of this deal..:)

Both of my brothers are with us….( the 2 that I have a relationship with) and we are having a great time…in the warm weather…taking a break from the house situation  and life and work.

I hope you are all having a great week! enjoy!







One thought on “So Far This Year…..

  1. Good Morning Dear One
    That new house looks so cute
    I will sends prayers and cross my fingers.
    Enjoy your mini vacation
    Love and hugs

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