Snowflakes in Hawaii?

My brain is fried I can’t seem to figure out a good name ( sorry Linda). I have been working and trying to catch up on everything since I got back a week ago and I am treading water. I have so many pictures to show and lots of things to share…I just haven’t had time to sit down and type it all out.


So I thought I would start with this quilt. I have quilted several for Linda. She loves needle turn applique…most of the quilts I have quilted for her include applique. This one looks like big snowflakes on the white from a distance?? Maybe? I could just be delirious because I am already thinking about Christmas and the winter season. But I am pretty sure this is Hawaiian applique.  I wonder if I could write off a business trip to Hawaii and have those lovely ladies teach me how to applique like they do?> Maybe someday.



Linda wanted an all over design on this..even over the applique. she likes everything quilted down nice and tight. 🙂

I quilted all over muscle shells.

IMG_0474 IMG_0470 IMG_0471

Everything turned out beautiful! Thanks Linda! Always a pleasure working with you!


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