Snow Days

Well I have been collecting kits…..for quite some time. During the UFO challenge I gave myself….I realized I really need to start constructing these kits that lay all over my studio. Seriously. It’s insane. I am a fabric hoarder.IMG_5423

So I decided to send them to my masterful piecers and have them sewn…that way I can get them quilted. I am trusting only people I know to do these because I want to get them back….and sometimes I don’t get my scraps back.IMG_5422

Well Karin received this advent calendar…and oh my goodness is it ever cute! Seriously! I thought it was cute in the package..but after I got it back today…WOW! I can’t wait to quilt it. She also used scraps and made this fabulous wall-hanging to match….Super cute right? There are embellishments for after it’s quilted the snowmen will have faces.IMG_5421

The little squares on top of the snowman are actually little pockets for the advent calendar and these are the little tags that go in there for the count down…super cute right? Thanks Karin! I love them…you did an AWESOME JOB! IMG_5420



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