Sneek Peek (Civil War)

Today I am working on some UFO’s and also working on this custom quilt from Meg.

It’s done in all civil war reproduction fabrics…..just beautiful…tiny blocks and big blocks lots of texture and pieces to play with and add dimension. I am taking pictures along the way because it’s so big and I wanted to be able to remember what designs I put where so I can check back when I need too…what we have to do when we get old and our memory doesn’t serve us as well…right?

So I had the boys hang the quilt so I could get a far away see if there is anything I need to enhance from a distance IMG_4095


See how tiny those border pieces are? All pieced (beautiful)….and probably the part I am having the most difficult time deciding how to quilt. But here are some photos of what I have decided to quilt so farIMG_4105

Fans in the side setting trianglesIMG_4099




Thanks about it so far….but that is a good start. Waiting to hear from Meg…Hope you all have a productive day!





2 thoughts on “Sneek Peek (Civil War)

  1. I love what you have done on this, so far. I think I’d have a hard time trying to figure out what to do on that outer border too. It would be nice to do something to enhance the diagonal line that the light fabric in the outer border produces.

  2. Only one way to describe that quilt….a TREASURE!!! Charisma…you amaze me, and the quilt itself is just beautiful!!!

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