Smokey River Quilt

This is the actual name of the quilt and you can fine the kit in the Keepsake quilting website. This kit is made from stonehenge fabric. Beautiful! IMG_4722

This is a wedding gift. Donna is a local gal and she is flying to the wedding in a few weeks and wanted to take this on the plane with her. I think she will even have time to bind it before actually boarding the plane..which will be nice. I am usually the one sewing on the plane or in the car…and shoving the quilt in a gift bag….cause I barely finished it in time. This last Christmas I even had my boys sew on the labels to the quilts we gifted. LOL They weren’t beautiful but they were sewn on! IMG_4723 IMG_4724

When Donna dropped off the quilt she requested all over Charisma Curls…so that’s what I did. Soft & pretty for all those hard lines. Beautiful finish! Great gift! Thanks Donna! It’s a pleasure working with you! IMG_4725


One thought on “Smokey River Quilt

  1. Hello Charisma, absolutely beautiful quilt. Color combination is perfect for this pattern. Speaking of pattern (I know this came out 7 years ago) I cannot find this pattern anywhere. I’m not even sure if you will get this, but if you do will you please text me back with the info needed to buy the pattern. I’m in love with this pattern and anxiously await your reply.

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