Sister’s Choice

Well I finally finished up with all of my scrappy 9 patches. whew! IMG_8785

This is a big one…94 x104. So it was difficult to hang….:)

You can find the free pattern here.

I was a bit stumped on borders. I would have maybe gone with a colorful floral or a red…….but I am working with what I have got….so the green it is. I wasn’t crazy about it…but now that it is on….I actually like it. So it worked out. IMG_8787

I also used the last of one of my most favorite fabrics. Its one of the backgrounds. The one with the daisies. I live that fabric and only had a little left.  I gave the quilt away that I had originally used it in. Now I don’t have any…because after I quilt this I think I will sell it. 🙂IMG_8788This was fun to put together….a star is always a great design choice. They are just classic. Aren’t they? I love them. IMG_8786

Also an update on Princess ( our cat) she is doing well.IMG_8789

I think she is pretty much back to normal. She caught a bird this week….there was nothing left of that poor thing except some feathers. yuck! Princess’ hair is growing back….and she found a new hiding place in the garden. Behind my lillies. Princess is such an odd cat. She doesn’t get affected by Catnip…..she doesn’t like wet cat food. She acts like a tom cat and fights with other cats. She doesn’t let one cat take a step in our yard. She is on the hunt. While Merle was here no birds were even close to coming in the yard. When it was Brodie & Gracie…we had the fattest birds in town because they ate all of the dog food Gracie spilled in the yard. Merle would catch birds … they quit coming. Now that Gracie is the only one here it’s a birds paradise again.Gracie wouldn’t hurt a fly…..but she is scary to people who don’t know her because she tries to protect us…(all of the time…ugh!). However birds will land on her body while she lays in the yard..and she lets them. LOL goofball. So now that it’s a birds paradise again…Princess is going to get fat again. No matter how much food she has…I guess it’s just her style to get fresh meat from the jungle. Poor birds.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!






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