Sister’s Choice

Well I am making good progress this week aren’t I?IMG_9512

When I made this Sister’s Choice quilt I knew I would quilt it with an all over…..there are so many stars that it would take forever & a day to custom quilt it and I am not sure that it needs custom quilting… I thought an all over feather would be nice. I haven’t done that in while so it was fun.  IMG_9513

I think I told you about this before but a friend of mine, Tisha and I traded 9 patches a few years ago. We both made 2 -> 9 patches every day for a few months. I made more….because I was trying to use a bunch of scraps. At the beginning of each year I tend to find the need to clean out my bins of 2.5 inch strips & squares. I have been successful…but it really doesn’t take long for it to fill again.IMG_9514


So I made several projects with those scrappy 9 patches. This is one of them. I love this pattern. You can find it HERE.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter Pattern and it’s free.  IMG_9516

There were so many colors and variety it makes a great scrappy. I used several browns for all the star points to bring unity….and framed it in with a small border of brown and the green has cream & brown as well to also bring unity. I wasn’t crazy about that fabric to border it to begin with…but after getting it together…I think it was a good choice. IMG_9515

The backing I pieced from stash & scraps. That took a big chunk of fabric…it’s a queen size quilt. I am really pleased with the finish. I am even more pleased that I can start getting through some of these unfinished quilts.IMG_9517

Thanks for looking!

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