Simplicity in Summer Park

I LOVE this quilt. i love teh line called “simplicity” by 3 Sisters for Moda. But it sold out pretty quickly at my LQS. I was a little late in that game…lol But it’s ok.

Felicia made this quilt and used this line of fabric . She used this pattern…I think we all love the free tutorials by Missouri Star Quilt Co. That is so nice of them to share with us!

Felicia added sashing to her blocks for a different effect. It is so beautiful it frames it all in and adds some zing! One of the fabrics in the simplicity line has many different words and such on the fabric…so in the sashing I also quilted in many words” Home, relax, dwell, simplicity, love ect.

Felicia said I could quilt how I wanted…so I quilted a feather in each block with swirly type plumes on one side and regular plumes on the other….when they come together they form a design within a design in the overall scheme of the quilt..which I love. In the last border I framed it all in with the same type of feather. It’s something different than I have quilted before ( well for someone other than myself)….playing with designs a bit but also keeping my same romantic type of feel…..which is something that is just hard wired in my brain..LOL

Thanks so much Felicia!

3 thoughts on “Simplicity in Summer Park

  1. Charisma, you’ve done it agai! You turned a beautiful piecing job into a spectaculy work of art! I LOVE what you’ve done with those two-sided feathers!!

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