Simple Boxed Blocks

I am trying to show quilts that I have finished on Sundays….I quilted this some time ago and my friend Donna ( a different Donna ….I know many Donna’s) actually pieced this for me. I trade her piecing for quilting sometime. She is the sweetest lady I know. I used to have bible studies at her house every week and she has the best disposition and firmly planted roots in her faith.

032I bought tons of this fabric several years ago. I have used it in several quilts….and I have a few more that I need to quilt. 🙂 I have a problem with hoarding fabrics.

033I quilted it with an all -Over swirl. It’s my favorite all over design. I love the movement and even quilting across the quilt. 

034 035

Thanks Donna! You are the sweetest!

Many blessings on this beautiful Sunday!


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