Shotgun Clarissa…

The Cutest Shooter around

Rob texted me this photo….

My In- Laws live in the forest…….my MIL is an avid animal lover ( so is Clarissa) …my MIL takes care of everything that comes around…wild or not. my FIL ..well he is a good ole boy.
I am pretty sure my MIL would be a vegan if she wasn’t married to him. LOL

anyway..he has all kinds of guns and hunting stuff…( see how versed I am in that subject?)He loves fishing and guy stuff..fixing cars..amping stuff up and all that. My DH well he likes fixing things…sometimes. ROB doesn’t hunt or fish….Do any of you watch ..Big Bang Theory??
Those woudl be my DH best friends…LOL. citing social protocal…superman Pj’s and playing with his lightsaber. Yeah…I know?? I think Big Bang theory makes us all love those nerds even more.

Anyway…all my kids get a dose of what it is to be a …REAL man….when they visit my FIL.

So this is Clarissa …..Pretty cute in a redneck sort of a way….am I right?

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