Shooting Stars….By Becky

Becky Sent me this quilt for long arm quilting….

She actually sent me two. She lives in WA so these didn’t travel far. Thsi particualr quilt …she wanted custom quilting and her only request was that I didn’t quilt any flowers. Which is a good thing because I didn’t see flowers on this quilt anyway.

I quilted little twinkling stars, and I tried to mimic the pattern in the final border to give it dimension. Teh rest is all different kinds of block work. I used two different colors of thread charcoal and natural.


Thanks Becky! I hope you like your quilt.




4 thoughts on “Shooting Stars….By Becky

  1. LOve this one too….I don’t think there has been one yet I did not like…love this one and it just seems to move ..Hugs T

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