Sharon’s Spring batch

Sharon is a prolific quilter and she always does a nice job. She makes lots of gifts and I think she also sells several quilts a year.

So these 3 lap-baby quilts are part of this batch of quilts…I get several from her.

I have quilted one of these’s all flannel and very manly.

I quilted lines and made a kind of plaid design to go with the theme.

These next 2 quilts are matching baby quilts and she requested all over hearts to be quilted on them,

It was kind of fun to quilt that design because I hadn’t done it in such a long time. It was one of the first designs I had learned…so it brought back memories.

Soft & cozy flannel backing.

Thanks Sharon! always a pleasure working with you!

I hope you all have a super fabulous day!


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