Shabby Chic Romance

IMG_5597Debbie sent this quilt …I love the Shabby Chic …romantic style. IMG_5592

My normal everyday designs translate well on these quilts …so beautiful. All of the cream colored squares are embroidered….beautiful!IMG_5596 IMG_5595

I quilted with leaves, feathers, Charisma curls and a rose in each pink square….awe….shabby chic ..roses. makes my heart sing!IMG_5594

Debbie constructed this beautifully and the line of fabric is by 3 sisters for moda…Paris Flea market ( I own quite the stash of it). IMG_5593

Thanks Debbie! It’s a pleasure working with you!

The back is muslin…which is so perfect to showcase quilting designs. 🙂IMG_5600 IMG_5599 IMG_5598


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