Sew Vintage!

909Sew Vintage was sent to me by Karen. I have to admit I struggled with this quilt a bit more than I should have.


I love the fabric and design and I wanted to quilt a design that honored the fabric but didn’t take away from it.

911so in order to do that many time…you quilt all over designs so they just kind of blend in to everything and don’t catch your eye. So I did quilt this custom but used all over type of designs in each element so that it would not detract from the patterns. the patterns on the fabrics were so cute and vintagey…..that I just couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

912 913

I used swirls, L’s, continuous curves and I framed it all in with ribbons to match the sewing theme.


914  Here’s the back:

915Aren’t those fabrics awesome?

Thanks Karen! Always a pleasure working with you and your projects!

I hope you all have a great friday!


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