Selling Quilts

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I am selling some quilts. If you would like to see them just click  on my tab that says : Online store. There are a couple pages….I will be adding more as they are finished up.

I have decided this for a few reasons. 10 of them in fact. In no certain order.

1. After you have been quilting for several years …and as productive as I am…everyone I wish to gift a quilt to has one or 4 or 5. ( Or I am working on them…never fear anyone reading this..that may still be waiting…there is something special for you in the works…the creative mind just wanders..freely..untrainable…I think? hehe)

2. Not everyone you know is worthy of a quilt because they may not take care of it. I have heard countless stories of this.

  I am not saying this because ->I think anyone is less valuable than another. I say this because I think people who are not in the quilting or crafting community don’t understand how much time and resources go into making an item such as a quilt. I don’t make quilts from old clothes or old blankets that have been lying around. I make quilts from fabric that costs $10 ( or more) a yard. When you make a queen size quilt you have around 20-30 yards of fabric invested (depending on design and construction) that’s 200-300$ in supplies alone. when you add a quilting fee that bumps it up another notch depending on level of quilting….and that doesn’t include piecing. So when someone spends that much time & money on one item…it’s worth being valued…not to be used for hauling furniture or keeping your outside dog warm on a cold winter day. If we see said quilt-> at your next yard sale for 5$ we will be angry. Just saying! 

3. I do donate a lot of quilts. Usually to groups I know because again..I want to make sure that the quilts are going to a worthy cause and being used for what they should be used for …not just someone trying to get a free quilt. I feel honored to know that I ( or one of my girls that trade with me) have helped countless missionaries make a difference. We have helped a worthy couple adopt a few special needs children, we have helped a christian school get funding to keep their message alive…we have helped Cancer patients receive transportation, support and love. We have helped in many more cases.  We have helped orphans and  a dog rescue. I try to do my part to help make a difference. I will continue to do this as well.

4. I am trying to use up my stash. As a result of this I dare to say how many quilt tops & backings I have waiting to be quilted….I think I maybe somewhere around 100 (I am close if not) …so as a result of this I need to really make room in my house for these. I have to keep a healthy amount of quilts in my portfolio. I change them out for the seasons in house…and I need to be ready for a show. I like to keep some things current..and have different styles.

I also just want to say to my gals that piece for me….The scrappy trade gals. I love our trades..I love your artwork and how you all put things together. I love the opportunity to work with you. It helps me become a stronger quilter because I have things to practice with and stretch my wings. You have helped countless charities and worthy causes..and you will continue to do that as well. I don’t want any of you to feel that if/when I list any of your work that I don’t like your work…..Rest assured I am keeping several from all of you in my own personal stash. I love each quilt and it is actually more difficult for me to part with any of yours than it is for me to part with several of my own. 🙂

5. I think that these quilts could be loved, gifted, used and cherished. What good are they doing sitting in a stack in my living room? Especially when I have several more coming along? That is not why a quilt is made.

6. Money. That’s a difficult word to say…isn’t it? Nobody likes to talk personal finances, right? That goes along with religion and politics. But I have been trying to live intentionally from the beginning of the year. Looking at my finances and doing what I can to complete my debt snowball..( ON the Dave Ramsey plan). I have a studio full of fabric and quilts that probably would have paid for a brand new nice car. I know many of us do.  I know I can never capture what a quilt is worth …..or even get what I put in……but at least I can maybe get something to continue to make a dent in my life plan.

7. Creativity. Why do I quilt? It is simply in my soul. I quilted before it was my profession. It is a therapy for me. I love immersing myself in design, color, the process. It’s part of me. If I am hoarding quilts how can I keep creating more? I must sell some.

8. Storage space…..simply I need more.

9. Complaints. I think this is a dumb reason I must admit -> but sometimes you just have to fill space ( even if it isn’t with quilts) …but yes those pesky 5 guys in my house complain about the sea of quilts…they must swim through everyday. They quickly quiet their traps when I explain to them without quilts I would be even more insane….and they would be hungry..since along with warming them ..quilting feeds them..literally.

10. Spreading the love of quilts. Not every person is a quilter. But there are plenty of people who love quilts and don’t sew. This is their chance to have a quilt & support a quilter. There are many people ( just look on ETSY) that love homemade items and they will appreciate the work involved…..I think that’s a good thing to offer as part of my business.


I know many of you make your own quilts you will understand & appreciate these. 🙂 I just want to say thank you for all the continued support. 🙂

I will be adding many more quilts as they are bound & finished. I will try to give a heads up in my normal posts as I post a quilted finish …so if anyone that reads my blog normally may know before they are listed in my shop. 🙂

If you are thinking about it ..please share and let people know. I know many quilters get approached and are asked quite frequently if they sell quilts. Please just keep my little shop in mind if it’s not something you do. Thank you in advance.

Many blessings!



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