Second Edition of North Central WA quilt…by Beth (the Binder)

OK So I finished round two….this quilt is beautiful. Beth was so excited she came first thing this morning to pick up her quilts…and all of mine for binding….she has no shortage of projects now.

I quilted this the same..mostly.

Her sister called while she was here to ask for a picture to be sent to her..She is so excited to see what it looks like. Beth refused and told her she had to wait until it arrived in the mail. LOL I told her she coudl always come to my blog..but Elma Doesn’t know about the blog…so you know? Beth wants it to be a surprise.
A surpirise it shall be.

One thought on “Second Edition of North Central WA quilt…by Beth (the Binder)

  1. I love it when my customers are surprised – I usually give them hints, but seldom do I send them pictures beforehand – I just loooove to hear how pleased they are when their goody arrives! And just when I thought your work was at its peak, here comes another picture, even better than the last! FABulous!!

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