Seaside Village

I finished one of my own. YAY!

Actually,  Harmony pieced the center part of this in a scrappy trade. She is a scrap buster! She uses every last scrap of fabric I give her…..and I think these must be 2 inch strops in a jelly race. It was long & lean…..but I loved the bright colors. I am always gifting or donating kid quilts to various charities, fundraisers or kids that I feel needs one. I thought this one would fit that bill. So I searched for a fun fabric that I could add for side borders.

2015_7_13 016

I wanted something scenic…just because it’s rare that I get to use those scenic fabric and I thought that the way I was going to use it would showcase well. A few months ago Rob & I were out shopping and I found this one …on sale no less! I thought it was perfect. It’s a little seaside village. It looks fun and colorful. The perfect way to spend a summer day.

2015_7_13 018

So It makes the quilt a very generous twin (or full)…and that scenic area on the sides will be a great drop on the side of a bed.

I was originally just going to quilt straight lines….but then decided to quilt free form clam shells. I have never done that on a whole quilt. I have seen other people do that…and I wanted to test myself. For a few reasons. 1. Would I like it or beat myself up because I can’t get them perfect & uniform…..I am a human quilter. Sometimes I have to remember that myself. SO how bad is it? 2. Will I like them enough to use them again? I really dislike working from the back of the machine. I do have a loricles board to make them. But they are one size and I have to work from the rear of the machine.

2015_7_13 0172015_7_13 019

So What I learned is that…no I can’t make them uniform. However I actually like them and I will be using this again on some of my own quilts. I love the texture and in all reality I love the “mistakes.”  I love that it looks like a human quilted it.

Here’s the back:

2015_7_13 014 2015_7_13 015

Thanks so much for looking!

I hope you all have a wonderful Summer day!


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