Scrappy Tablerunner & Placemats

So this is project #3 from jelly roll bin. All 3 of these projects ( the 2 braid quilts) came from scraps & stash…nothing else. I didn’t buy anything. …..Sad or not? I don’t know. LOL

But I saw a similar set of placemats on pinterest a few months ago with the intentions of making some as gifts for Christmas….LOL! I always have the best of intentions.  What a great use of scraps….but also I had so many “food” fabrics in my stash I thought this would be a good time to use them. I am sad….( or not) to report that this project didn’t use all of my food fabrics. ……it’s kind of a fun novelty fabric I seem to collect with no use what-so-ever…who knows why?

So I used a few different cuts of my stash to cut the centers of these:


This is the backing fabric that I used for all of the placemats:

006I suppose they could be reversible…I still need to bind them.

I just loaded the backing fabric on and then laid the placemats on it and quilted…so I was able to fit them all on to one piece of fabric….YAY! it was actually big enough. Because I didn’t plan it….I just thought I would go as far as I could and load another cut of fabric if I needed.

011 012 013I am positive that I bought this cupcake fabric on sale….I just thought it was cute.

So I gathered up all of my white fabrics and sewed them end to end to create the first border….Then sewed all of my bright fabrics end to end for the outer border…and cut them to the size of the center piece I had cut…then sewed them on. It worked out so perfectly. I used up all of my jelly rolls.

Here is the next set of baked goods:


Then I used up some of my dots….I love these foodie dots:

007 008010

I took the leftover strips and made a table runner:

001 002 003So I have binding strips cut already….I just need to sew them on…..quite a job…that can be for another day. LOL. Binding ( yuck!!)

So do you know what I do with all of those leftover triangle cut off from the braids?

015Yep!! I started another Wild & goosey quilt. These little blocks are addicting. Between my Whack-A-Doodle lane quilt and the braids…I have enough for another 400 of these blocks… lie!! I have been separating them as I go. Those small pieces are not good for anything else….so I am just piecing them as I go along. before the end of the year I am going to have another Wild & goosey quilt complete.   It’s honestly the only quilt block I have come across that uses those tiny pieces we won’t ever use in anything else.

So that’s the end of this years scrappy jelly roll binge!!

That’s quite a few projects!! enough to feel good about! For sure!

I hope you all have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Scrappy Tablerunner & Placemats

  1. Charisma, you have the BEST ideas!! Now I’m gearing up to make some placemats like you did, only my quilting won’t be half as nice as yours.. but that won’t stop me!! A friend gave me a book of quilting designs that I’m anxious to try out on my sewing machine.. You just gave me the perfect thing to practice on! Thanks!!!

  2. Great ideas! I am collecting lots and lots of pieces…..a lot of them I had given up the idea of ever using. Thanks for sharing these pics…..I need to get busy!! Love all your work.

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