Scrappy Swoon By The Purple Turtle

Jessica is the “Purple Turtle” She has a small crafty business. 🙂

She sent me a quilt at the beginning of my “career” and we have been working together ever since. 🙂

She also has some shams here that I still need to quilt…..but haven’t yet. I am sick again today. So are a few of my kiddos. 🙁

But I quilted this last week and I am in love. I made one of these quilts as well. it was a free QAL. You can go here to get the pattern/tutorials.IMG_7764

I love that Jessica did a color wheel with her star points.SO cool! IMG_7768

I think I can quilt mine now that I have quilted hers..I love the way hers finished up. 🙂

She has every kind of scrap in this quilt and they all go together so well. I love those type of scrappy quilts.IMG_7767


I quilted back & forth lines, wavy lines, continuous curves & swirls. IMG_7766 IMG_7765

Here’s the back:IMG_7769

Beautiful Jessica! I will be getting it to Beth on Thursday.




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