Scrappy Squares in a Square

Annette has done it again. She makes beautiful patterns from my scraps….and she finds the best ways to use them. She should really start a blog and show us all how she organizes scraps and how she decided to use them….because honestly I just send her bags of random scraps and she figures it all out.

These are all HST’s . I have bene known to make several HST’s quilts from my scraps as well…and I have never set them like this…and I love it. It makes it look like square in a square blocks and they are really 4 patches made with HST’s. Just adds some order to the scraps.

I quilted this with fun easy designs….I just need a simple quilt one weekend to feel like I could accomplish something myself and feel no pressure.

So it’s continuous curve flowers, loops, L’s and double bubbles.

I used scraps for the back:

When I trim the back of my quilts I take all of the extra strips and put them in a container to use to make a scrappy back for other quilts…It’s crazy how they all seem to add up and before I know it I get another back.

So this is scrappy from start to finish. 🙂 I love when I get something from nothing….:)

Thanks Annette! I love your always!



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