Scrappy Sassy Quilts

Well a few weeks ago I had decided to start cutting my scraps for a “Economy block” quilt.

Every once in awhile in the on-line community a quilt will pop up in several places and kind of take over the blog world. Swoon, Scrappy trips around the world, & this year it has been the economy block. The economy block is just a square in a square in square block. But Red Pepper quilts made a tutorial for easy numbers which always makes it easy to start working in your stash.



I however didn’t want to make such small blocks. For a few reasons but mainly because I wanted to use this Sassy fabric ( that’s the name of the line in the center of each block) and if I cut it smaller than 5 inch squares I was going to lose a lot of the ladies and their sayings. The whole point of this fabric is to read what these ladies have to say! I love the sayings!  This fabric is actually the scraps from the backing I made from this quilt.IMG_8549


Some of the quotes are “T.G.I.F -Thank God I’s Fabulous!”

“You had me at Merlot”IMG_8550

“Wake me when the kids are grown”…”All I want is everything” ….Me-Me-Me no really ME! haha!

IMG_8551“Somebody has to be the cutest” ….and one of my favorites “Yooohooo, has anyone seen my sanity?”

There are plenty more! This fabric is just fabulous! IMG_8553

So I decided to dig through my stash and just cut up all of my small cuts of fabric leftover from other projects, fun novelty prints and scraps from backings. I have anything and everything fun in this quilt. The only rules I made for myself is that  all of my centers would be the same sassy fabric and then I cut the first round of squares. Then I cut the second round of squares I didn’t want any of the same fabrics for the inner & outer squares. I didn’t want to have to have to watch placement of inner & outer squares. I just wanted it to be random. The reason is because I like to have this type of project next to my machine when I get a phone call, or I have 15 minutes to sew here & there.  I call it mindless sewing. I like to chain piece them and then within a few weeks you have completed blocks. That’s what happened in this case. IMG_8554

However when you decide to cut your blocks while on the phone you can get mixed up. I was cutting “pairs” of squares for the blocks because you need 2 of each side setting triangle squares….and I had cut those first. Well then I cut up my sassy starter squares…I cut those in pairs. Not realizing that’s what I did. Bc I had originally thought I would have enough fabric left for a border. LOL I wasn’t even paying attention. So then when I started sewing on my HST I ran out halfway through. I had to keep adding yardage..pulling a yard here and there off the shelves…I was wondering what was taking so much fabric and time? It seemed to be taking me tons of time for a twin size quilt. HA! So this was really good for clearing out those small bits of fabrics.

Because it usually takes me a few weeks for a queen size mindless sewing project…well I didn’t ever count because once I started I just worked on it here & there…so it wasn’t any big deal. I started putting my blocks together and realized what I had done. So I just put two twin size tops together. 🙂 Double the pleasure.

I ADORE these quilts. I love a fun quilt! I love scrappy quilts…. Every block is fun…there really isn’t a place for your eye to “rest” as we tend to do in quilting. I love all quilts…..but I tend to LOVE the ones that keep my interest and everywhere I look there is color, words and texture.IMG_8555

There is everything from flowers, coffee fabrics, solids, dots, and geometric. It doesn’t all match or blend….and that’s what appeals to me.   Not to mention it is completely girly! So I also used several cuts of my “Girly” fabrics to piece together for the backs. When my girls were younger I started to collect a few yards here and there of glam fabrics and fun novelty type stuff… this is the perfect quilt to use those for. I tend to get stuck with my novelty fabrics. It’s funny that when I first started buying fabrics-> novelty fabrics are what I always bought….now I stay away from them (unless it is just WAY to cute!). 🙂  I also cut stripes for the binding. That seems to be the only thing I am missing on the front of the quilts. These were so easy & fun! If you have scraps or a focus fabric you should board the Economy Block train!

Oh I think my blocks were around ten inches finished. Can’t remember exactly ….:) But this is what I cut.

center 5 inch square

2-> 4 inch squares cut on diagnal

2-> 5 3/8 squares cut on the diagnal

That will make one economy block (Charisma size). Each of these quilts has 63 blocks. A 7×9 setting which measures 65 x82 finished.  I hope that helps.

Let me know if you make one…I would love to see your version!


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