Scrappy Mod Braids

So this is project #2 from my scrappy jelly roll bin. I sorted out all of the bright scraps and cut the size I needed for this quilt.


This was fun…. no rhyme or reason to putting them together….just fun fabrics that are all wild & come together into this. Some people might hate this because there is no place for the eye to rest. If you look at yesterday’s Braid quilt…it’s very traditional and there is borders and places of rest.  I happen to be one of those people that loves pattern, color and stimulation overload. Seriously, I am.


So although I understand that some patterns require those restful places to be seen….if I can get away with not doing that…I try. Just because it makes me happy. Some of my most favorite projects are these 2 quilts …for exactly the same reason.  I love the pattern overload. If you look at my studio…it’s the same way.

So I was trying to decide what I wanted to do…keep this as a lap quilt size..or add borders to bring it up to a twin size. I like/d it without borders. I put it on FB. The general consensus was that it needed borders to tame it down..frame it in ect. That kind of made me chuckle…because that’s what I loved about it. Art is subjective, right?

009 010


I decided to keep it the way it is…I like it….and I don’t have a plan for it…so why does it need to be bigger? It could be the perfect picnic quilt.

I quilted it with ferns…..I love the texture it provided with these braids….kind of organic designs mixed with vibrant bright colors..the combo …it’s well…..stimulating. …but also calming because it’s the same across the whole body of the quilt.

011 012

I pieced a back from some fabric I got a year ago at the fabric sale…I decided not to go this year….because well…..I need to use what I have got!

013Thanks For looking!

I have one more project to show what 1 box of jelly roll scraps can create!

have a great day!




12 thoughts on “Scrappy Mod Braids

  1. I, personally, like your braid quilt without the borders, too. When you put the binding on it frames the quilt nicely.

  2. I personally loved the braid quilts you showed yesterday, however, I am amazed at what the right quilting pattern to do with a quilt.

    When I first saw the braid quilt without borders, it was questionable. Then when you showed that awesome quilting, well it just made the quilt. kcs

  3. When I first looked at the unquilted quilt top my eyes crossed. 🙂 But after it’s quilted it’s just lovely. The ferns give your eyes a direction to go. Before my eyes were trying to go in all directions at once. Another great job. Keep it up.

  4. Hey….I love it. I am a “scrappy” person as you know. I agree, the quilting finished things off, and kept one from getting too drawn into the frenzied pattern. Job well done on all counts!!

  5. so glad I accidently found you! Miss you on “the board” I was looking for quilting ideas for braids, you hit the nail on the head! thanks

  6. Thank you for keeping your braid unbordered…is that a word? I’ve just completed a braided top and am trying to decide what to do if anything about borders. I love yours too. And the back. But I need to find some fabric for that. You have encouraged me. Thanks

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