Scrappy Improv

IN the beginning of the year I was giving a talk to a local guild and I wanted samples made to discuss quilting designs.


I had my friend Jenn piece my Moonshine Milky Way and when she dropped off my scraps I was so excited to make something with them. So I just sewed an improv quilt.     Sometimes it is fun to just sew pieces of fabric together without a plan and see where it takes you.



I had my blocks done for quite some time. I just hadn’t put them together until last month at some time. My cutting table was getting a bit heavy with all of my unfinished projects. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who could just start one project  and finish it before I start the  next one…..but I am not. I like to have my cutting table clean & organized…but it gradually gets overtaken by projects. I will let it fill up and get crowded…then I start cleaning house because it becomes overwhelming… I start finishing things and get it organized again. It’s a cycle I go through regularly. Some people would buckle under the pressure of my cutting table…..and I do sometimes as well. Right now it’s in complete chaos again. I am working to get it organized. 🙂



Anyway getting back to my improv quilt….I added some extra gray & blue fabric to finish it up and bring it all together…they were scraps. It is a great lap size quilt… plan, all scraps, and it’s just pure pleasure from start to finish.

005 004 003


I used a minky for the back since it’s lap size. NO plan for it ….but it just makes me happy to look at it. I quilted straight lines…except for teh one corner area with the blue polka dot…I quilted in swirls…just because it seemed appropriate.

001 002 003Fun! Fun! Fun!

Thanks for looking!

I hope you find something fun to do today!




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