Scrappy Improv

So I have been making several scrappy quilts ( of course) and honestly I don’t go through my scrap bin and pull out certain things. Honest to God the last several quilts I only pulled out a random handful of scraps from the bin and whatever fit the size I needed made it into the block. Completely random. I was on a mission to just use the handful of scraps I had pulled out randomly.  It’s amazing how far a handful of scraps can go. seriously.

So after I finished  my Gypsy wife quilt I decided I wanted to just use up all of the scraps left on the table and I wanted to see how far that would get me. It resulted in this quilt. Honest to goodness…it was a complete quilt. Improv blocks that I just pieced and then squared up to 8.5 x 11. I didn’t think I had a whole quilt there. It didn’t actually seem like that much. but it was.

This worked out to be a healthy size twin…a little bigger than a normal twin. But I loev the randomness of it all.

I also used scraps for the back:

I also had some fabric I picked up from a  clearance sale for 2$ a yard so I used that for the back as well. No matter how ugly a fabric is….if it’s a name brand fabric for 2$ a yard I will grab it for a scrap quilt backing. can’t get a better deal than that!

These blocks were so quick and easy to sew together I felt like I wasn’t really doing anything….and I have a completed quilt. Rob quilted it on the computer for me….so now it just needs binding and we have a quilt!


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