Scrappy Hourglass

IMG_8752This is finally finished…..all 672  hour glass blocks (HG).

Yes 672…that’s 2688 pieces…..2688 triangles. Isn’t it lovely?

A friend and I decided last year to help whittle our scraps down that we would make a certain number of these each day….I think that # was 12 until we finished. That’s 56 days. It took about 15-20 minutes a day (if that much) and we changed the pattern a little bit. We did trade about 200 of them so we could have a bit more variety in our quilt. The more the variety the better.

The pattern comes from the Better Homes & Gardens “Sew Scrappy” magazine that was issued in Jan 2011. I was blessed enough to get this from one of my lovely customers.  I look through this magazine all of the time. I love the quilts in this issue. If you need scrap busting projects this is a great issue for you to get. I have fabric set aside for a few projects in here. I just haven’t gotten to all of them yet. IMG_8751

The HG quilt is actually on the cover of the magazine. I like to have a mindless sewing project next to my machine. scrappy quilts are so great for that. It just helps when you have 10-15 minutes here and there and in the end you felt like you have accomplished something……and it didn’t take much time.

The pattern called for squares starting at 4.25. I didn’t want to cut down my charms. I already cut my scraps into charms and I like a bigger quilt anyway.  So with using that size I was able to get a quilt that was 92 by 105. a nice big queen or small king size. I love this so much I may make another. I always say that….but I am thinking about making it with a constant. If I do that I better love the color because I will be seeing a lot of it.

I have not made a backing or binding for this yet. I am trying to decide if I want scrappy or Muslin back. My next mindless sewing projects is “Sister’s Choice” by Bonnie Hunter. It will be the last of my 9 patch blocks. I love finishing up all of those UFO’s. (although we all know how fast I create more!)

I hope you all have a blessed week!



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