Scrappy Fun

I had all of these random HSt’s that I had made from fun primary fabrics…so I thought I would randomly put them together to make a modern type scrappy quilt.


I like a lot of white space to quilt and have fun. I thought this could be a great baby quilt or lap quilt…I find that this size is easy for me to quilt because if I want to try something dynamic….it’s not too big so I might be able to squeeze it on.

But in this case I wanted to try some one of the modern designs on my new Statler..and I just LOVE this one. It’s called lines & bubbles ( I think) and I am absolutely going to use it again.

There is no way I could have quilted this as fast or as accurate and that is one reason to love computer quilting. However, being that I am a freehand quilter I know the blood, sweat & tears it would take to accomplish this type of quilting on my own and I appreciate it. Had I done this freehand I would never want to part with the quilt. Since I did it on the computer..I am more likely to give it away. LOL Just because I didn’t have the huge investment of time. But I still love the design.

It turned out fab!

Just a few scraps and computer design…yep! It’s a winner!

I hope you are all having a lovely day!



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