Scrappy frames

Annette made this one..and it’s one of my favorites….I know-I know. I say that about so many….but it’s true. I can’t help it! Just ask Rob…He is always talking about my quilt collection. My fear is that when I die my family will be selling my quilts in a yard sale for 20$…I will haunt them for life! Just saying. She always does a nice job for me..we have been trading for several years—love-> love her work!


I love the white space in this and I have been saving it because I wanted to take advantage of that white space.

But I decided to put it on the computer and quilt the pebbles panto again….I just love that design and I knew it would look great on this quilt. The circles with the squares is just fabulous!

Isn’t this fun? I also put a chevron print on the back. Modern all the way!

Thanks Annette! I know you love seeing them all finished. I wonder if I have finally quilted all the ones you have made for me now?  If not..I am pretty close…for sure!

I am in London right now if everything has gone according to plan…and I will be home in just a few short days. I will be flying in and immediately getting everything ready for Cole’s graduation.

How’s your holiday weekend?

many blessings!




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