Scrappy Floral

I am sure this wasn’t a scrappy per se….Joni doesn’t really make scrappies…she is one of those UNICORN ( another word for rare ) quilters that doesn’t have a stash. She only buys for projects that she works on……I am not sure how that is possible? I mean I get so distracted by the prettiness of all fabrics I must own them before I know what to do with them…the self control must be amazing!

IMG_0643 IMG_0644


Joni is very prolific as well…so I guess her local quilt shop must LOVE her!

I am not sure what this quilt pattern is called…but I love the pinwheels that form in the midst of the blocks. I also wish I had gotten better pics…but unfortunately I sent the quilt back before checking these. 🙁



I quilted all over flowers, leaves and vines.



I think this is a Christmas gift….and She used Minkee for the backing:


Thanks Joni! always a pleasure..I have another coming your way soon.!





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